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2012, ABPmer, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Scoping Document

2012, ABPmer, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Scoping Document

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Coastal Processes


ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd (ABPmer) was commissioned by Celtic Array to carry out the physical processes studies to inform the Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed Rhiannon offshore wind farm which forms part of the Irish Sea Zone. This series consists of a data gap analysis report which reviewed all the physical processes evidence that was compiled during previous studies and ascertained the sufficiency of the available data to be used in informing the EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment studies. This gap analysis was carried out on primary and secondary data and information sources and took into account the metocean and geophysical surveys targeted for proposed Rhiannon offshore wind farm the and export cable corridor. The recommendation from this gap analysis were achieved through the Service 3, this was reported in the service 3 note. Associated report :SE-D-EN-027-0154-400004-001; SE-D-EN-027-0154-400004-004 Availalble data set, 1) GIS data in mxd and mpk formats; 2) Drawings and reports in pdf formats 


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