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2010-2014, CMACS, Zone 9 Celtic Array,  Benthic, Fish and Intertidal Surveys

2010-2014, CMACS, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Benthic, Fish and Intertidal Surveys

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Benthic Ecology
Epifauna and Fish
Intertidal Ecology


This study forms chapters (9 & 10) of the Stage 2 Preliminary Environmental Information (Stage 2 PEI) of the Rhiannon Offshore Wind Farm, which is part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). 
The study was carried out by CMACS - Centre for Marine & Coastal Studies and it describes the existing environment with regards to Benthic Ecology and Fish and Shellfish Ecology and assesses the potential impacts of the Offshore Development area of the proposed Rhiannon Wind Farm (RWF) on the Benthic and Fish ecology.
The assessment describes and focuses on the impacts on relevant receptors associated with the Offshore Development of Rhiannon Wind Farm (RWF), which extends seaward from Mean High Water Springs (MHWS) seaward (including any potential impacts in the intertidal area). This consists of the Wind Farm Site and Export Cable Area (ECA – which is the area within which sub-sea export cables will bring power from the Wind farm site to shore at a number of potential Cable Landfall Sites along the north Anglesey coastline). The Wind Farm Site includes all wind turbines, intra-array cables, and ancillary structures such as substations and convertor stations. The Potential cumulative impacts between the Offshore and Onshore developments was also assessed.

Corresponding Centrica Document No: 
Benthic Ecology :SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-009 ; SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-009-Att1; SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-009-Att2; SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-009-Att3; 
Intertidal Technical Report: SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-009-Att4; 
Fish and Shellfish Ecology : SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-010; 

Available Datasets : 1. ArcGIS files (mxds, .gdb, shapefiles, metadata files (xml)),     2. Drawings (pdf, jpeg), 	3.  Reports (.doc, .xls, .txt)

Please note reports are still in draft.


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Intertidal Phase 1 Biotope Survey Technical Report

Stage 2 Preliminary Environmental Information Chapter 10 Fish and Shellfish Ecology

Stage 2 Preliminary Environmental Information Chapter 9 Benthic Ecology