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2010, Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Ltd., Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm, Update

2010, Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Ltd., Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm, Update

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This document provides an up to date summary of the results of the collision risk
modelling (CRM) for Sandwich tern Sterna sandvicensis at the proposed Dudgeon
Offshore Wind Farm (Dudgeon) project.
Sandwich tern is the key sensitive ornithological receptor for both the Dudgeon site, as
well as several other Round 2 wind farm sites currently in planning (Race Bank and
Docking Shoal) and under construction (Sheringham Shoal) in the Greater Wash SEA
It is the potential impact of collision mortality, especially in a cumulative context, upon the
population of the North Norfolk Coast SPA that is of key concern for the Joint Nature
Conservation Committee (JNCC) and Natural England.
An attempt to further understand the implications of the estimated collision mortality at
the four Round 2 projects has been made through the use of a bespoke version of
Population Viability Analysis (PVA) for the Race Bank and Docking Shoal projects. A
decision will be taken in due course as to whether this is appropriate for the Dudgeon
This note seeks to clarify the results of the CRM for the Dudgeon project issued in
Technical Reports (ECON 2009, 2010) supporting the Environmental Statement (Royal
Haskoning, 2009). The first of these reports, issued in May 2009, used available data for
the 2008 season only. The second report, issued in January 2010, used data for both
the 2008 and 2009 seasons (i.e. the two year data set usually required for ornithological


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Collision Risk Modelling - Sandwich Tern (Sterna sandvicensis)