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2013, Gardline, Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm, Geophysical Survey

2013, Gardline, Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm, Geophysical Survey

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A seabed and sub-seabed survey covering the site was performed in 2007. Based on the acquired survey data the seabed topography and the shallow geology and stratigraphy within the site are interpreted approx. to the first multiple. Some of the interpretation is uncertain due to limited seismic penetration/ resolution. 
     The project decided to execute a new survey campaign in 2013. Its main purpose will be: 
     To acquire multi-channel seismic data for processing and removal of the multiples to enable a reliable interpretation of the stratigraphy down to (and in) the chalk, 
     To acquire ultra-high 1channel seismic data to enable strengthening of the existing stratigraphic interpretation of the shallow geology. 
     To establish a best possible geological model based on the old and new seismic and geotechnical data. 
     To evaluate possible geohazards like shallow gas or boulder layers within the upper 100 m of sediments, or areas of poor bearing capacity. 
     Contractor: Gardline 
     Surveyed: April 2013


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