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2014, Wessex Archaeology, Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm, Archaeological Monitoring and Mitigation

2014, Wessex Archaeology, Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm, Archaeological Monitoring and Mitigation

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Wessex Archaeology (WA) has been commissioned by Royal HaskoningDHV to prepare
a Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI) for the offshore elements of the Dudgeon
Offshore Wind Farm (DOW) project.  An archaeological assessment of geotechnical data from the Dudgeon Offshore Wind
Farm area has been undertaken, including a Stage 1 to 3 Geoarchaeological and
Palaeoenvironmental Assessment (Wessex Archaeology 2014a). Results of this
assessment have been incorporated into this WSI. An archaeological assessment of 2013 geophysical data for the WTG layout, interarray
cable study area and export cable survey area has also been undertaken (Wessex
Archaeology 2014b). The geophysical data collected for this assessment are higher
resolution than the data initially assessed, and therefore provide additional details about
the archaeological resource. The results of the assessment have been included in this
WSI. The report within this series comprises:
> An outline of the proposed development options and a summary of the potential
impacts associated with the construction, operation and decommissioning of
Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm;
> Details of agreed recommended mitigation including proposed Archaeological
Exclusion Zones (AEZs), receptors to be avoided/groundtruthed, and requirements
for further assessment of geophysical data;
> Details of agreed monitoring requirements;
> An outline of responsibilities and communication requirements;
> Details of the agreed protocol for archaeological discoveries (The Protocol for
Archaeological Discoveries: Offshore Renewables Projects (ORPAD) (The Crown
Estate 2010a));
> A scheme of investigation for further archaeological works in line with Model
Clauses for Archaeological Written Schemes of Investigation: Offshore Renewables
Projects (The Crown Estate 2010b).
This document will be monitored and updated throughout the preconstruction and
construction process to ensure that the scheme of investigation is appropriate to the final


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