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Geotechnical Survey Of The Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm Site

Geotechnical Survey Of The Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm Site

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Hydro Soil Services was contracted by Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Ltd. to undertake a
geotechnical soil investigation at the site known as Greater Gabbard situated approximately 26 km of
the Suffolk Coast at Felixstowe. The purpose of the geotechnical investigation was to provide data on
the ground conditions to assist in the design of wind turbine foundations at the site.
The investigation was performed from the Hydro Soil Services Self Elevating Platform “Vagant” and
comprised four locations, two on the Galloper bank and two on the Inner Gabbard bank. The
investigation included a combination of sample boreholes, SPT and CPT at each location.The
operation was performed from 02 September 2004 to 26 September 2004.
Sample boreholes were drilled from the first moonpool in “Vagant”. In uncohesive deposits a bailer
drilling technique was used, disturbed samples were taken at 1,5 m intervals. In cohesive deposits a
core drilling technique was used to recover undisturbed samples every 1,5 m. Standard Penetration
Tests were performed at 1,5 m intervals over the full length of the borehole.
Simultaneously CPT test were performed from the second moonpool in the “Vagant”, positioned
approximately 13,4 m from the first moonpool.
Laboratory tests are performed on soil samples by Soil Mechanics UK.
This document represents the Factual Report and contains a general description of the work including
information regarding the fields operations: equipment utilised, the records of events through the
works and a summary of locations, type and depths of the exploratory boreholes carried out. Also
include is the report of the laboratory works and a description of the soil conditions.


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Boring Profiles of Boreholes GG2, GW, MM, IGN

Plasticity profiles of Boreholes G-G2 GW IGN MM


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Geotechnical Survey