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2004-2006, Emu Ltd, Greater Gabbard, Metocean Surveys

2004-2006, Emu Ltd, Greater Gabbard, Metocean Surveys

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Emu Ltd was commissioned by Greater Gabbard Offshore Winds Ltd to undertake a project to monitor the coastal processes off the Suffolk coast in the vicinity of the Inner Gabbard and Galloper sand banks, for the proposed Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm development. This included the monitoring of tidal heights and currents at six locations within the development site. At four of the monitoring locations waves and suspended sediment concentrations were also monitored. All instrumentation was initially deployed on the 3rd November 2004. In August 2006, Greater Gabbard Offshore Winds Limited (GGOWL) commissioned ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd (ABPmer) to undertake a study of the metocean design variables for the wind farm site and to report on the results. This work was to follow on from an earlier study by ABPmer (2006), which specifically considered operational conditions.


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Wave and Wind Correlation Data

Non Directional Wave Data

Final Directional Wave Data

Metocean Measurement Campaign - Wave Statistics

Correlation between wind speeds and wave heights at the Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm

Metocean Measurement Campaign Recommended Mooring Locations


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Extreme Metocean Variables

Project - Metocean Measurement Campaign Winter 2004-2005