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2011-2012, ESS Ecology, Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm, Ornithology Survey Reports and Data Construction Phase 20112012

2011-2012, ESS Ecology, Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm, Ornithology Survey Reports and Data Construction Phase 20112012

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In 2005, Greater Gabbard Offshore Winds Limited (GGOWL) submitted an Environmental Statement (ES) for the development of the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm (GGOWF) 26km offshore of Orford Ness on the Suffolk Coast.  The Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm (GGOWF) was formally awarded consent in February 2007.  A number of conditions were attached to this consent, one of which relates to the continued ornithological monitoring at the site. This was to build on the baseline work undertaken in 2004 and 2006, in order to assess for impacts from the offshore wind farm on both resident and migratory bird populations.  Subsequently, an Ornithological Monitoring Protocol was prepared by GGOWL in order to meet the requirements for monitoring set out in the conditions of Food and Environment Protection Act (FEPA) 1985 licence reference 33097/07/0 (dated 24th July 2007).  Environmentally Sustainable Systems Limited (ESS) was commissioned by GGOWL to undertake the ornithological monitoring works for the GGOWF in 2008, with the first of the monthly surveys undertaken in June 2008.  In accordance with the FEPA Licence requirements, the monitoring programme will include pre-construction, during construction and post-construction phases of the development.  This series covers the construction surveys carried out between June 2011 and May 2012.  The monthly survey reports and corresponding datasets are provided, which include counts and density estimates, and track data.  


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