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Greater Wash Offshore Wind Farm Cumulative Effects

Greater Wash Offshore Wind Farm Cumulative Effects

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Scoping of the assessment techniques for cumulative and in combination impacts on round 2 sites from round 1 activites and other marine activites within the Greater Wash.

Each environmental parameter was considered for the potential for a cumulative effect to arise due to the establishment of a number of wind farms in the Greater Wash area and, subsequently, how those effects should be assessed. The effects studied in the reports are:  Navigation and Shipping, Commercial Fisheries, Natural Fishery Resource, Ornithology, Cetaceans and Marine Mamals, Landscape and Visual Character, Coastal Processes and Geomorphology, Socio-economic Effects, and Effects from Other Plans, Projects or Uses.

It is proposed that cumulative effect studies are undertaken on a site specific basis and included as part of the EIA submission based on the criteria in the report.


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Greater Wash Round 2 Offshore Wind Farm Cumulative Effects: Scoping Report