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2004, ABPmer, Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm, Metocean Survey

2004, ABPmer, Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm, Metocean Survey

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Review of the data collected for Humber Gateway Limited for metocean. Survey conducted over the period 26th march 2004- 16th Nov 2004 used to characterise the local wave and tidal processes and the manner in which they influence the local sediment regime. The analysis of the data has also used longer-term observations from the neighbouring WaveNet data site at Dowsing, as well as available data from an ABP wave buoy located at Chequer Shoal.

These data sets are used together to identify prevailing wave directions and exceedance levels for large waves. Acceptance is based on measurement of local conditions achieving at least a 10% exceedance level in wave height for prevailing directions. seabed mounted acoustic profiler (Nortek AWAC) device has been deployed over a period of seven and a half-month within the HG OWF site.  Wave data, collected hourly using a burst period of 512 seconds at 2Hz, Tidal elevations, Tidal velocities, collected in 0.5m vertical bins every 10 minutes using a burst period of 60 seconds, Directional waves, Water samples at service periods, Suspended sediment concentrations from both Optical Back Scatter (OBS)
and Acoustic Back Scatter (ABS) devices. In addition, the local seabed has been characterised by a geophysical survey conducted by Titan in 2004 and with particle size data of surficial sediments from a
benthic survey conducted by ICES (reported elsewhere).  Analysis also includes assessment of the far-field sediment inputs from coastal erosion and freshwater inputs.


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Review of Metocean Survey (26 March - 16 November 2004) Report

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