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2012 - 2013, Osiris Projects, Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm, Winter Geophysical Survey

2012 - 2013, Osiris Projects, Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm, Winter Geophysical Survey

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Osiris Projects were commissioned in October 2012 by E.ON Climate and Renewables to carry out a geophysical survey on the proposed Humber Gateway wind farm site. The survey was carried out between 13th November 2012 and 2nd April 2013 by MV Freja, with surveys for contract variations completed during the period 30th April to 3rd May 2013. However, due to a period of sustained bad weather and breakdown of Freja’s engine, SV Bibby Tethra also worked on this project between 19th February and 2nd April 2013.The survey will be repeated in the summer of 2013, as part of the monitoring program on the Humber Gateway site. The main objectives of the survey were as follows: -To compare in a disciplined and quantified manner the results of each of the periodic surveys - To provide an accurate bathymetric chart of the survey area and cable corridor region - To chart evidence of scour around the Met-mast -To chart Annex1 habitats particularly “Cobble Reefs” and Sabellaria reefs, both defined by Natural England’s report “Best methods for identifying and evaluating Sabellaria spinulosa and cobble reef”: - To chart natural seabed features including mobile sediments/sand based, and any obstructions, man-made objects, debris or wrecks. - To chart jack-up leg hole positions and scour associated with them. - To produce isopachyte charts to show sediment thickness of the upper 2m of seabed including, loose, and any mobile material, and of any other significant reflector - To produce a comprehensive factual report describing methods and events within the survey. - Correlate magnetic anomalies and sonar contacts to identify items that require may require further physical Survey for example UXO, wrecks, and man-made objects. - During survey period, identify items/areas of “Specific Areas of Interest & Archaeology” and inform the Employer as required. This series contains Reports, Bathymetry and Mosaic datasets as well as a report regarding the status of the disused Amethyst Pipeline. This series reports cover the export cable and the wind farm area, however only data for the Export Cable is available.


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