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2016, Bibby HydroMap, Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm, Geophysical Survey

2016, Bibby HydroMap, Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm, Geophysical Survey

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Bibby HydroMap were commissioned in March 2016 by E.ON Climate and Renewables UK Limited, to carry out a geophysical survey at the Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm, which lies off the coast of Easington, near the Humber Estuary. The wind farm comprises 73 turbines and their associated inter-array cabling, together with two export cables. The wind farm covers an area of 35km2 of seabed, with an installed capacity of up to 219MW. The survey was carried out between 16th March and 09th May 2016. The main objectives of the work were to undertake multibeam, side scan sonar and pinger surveys over the following areas: ? Circular areas of 105m radius, centred around each of the wind turbines; ? A 15m wide corridor, centred around the as-installed cable position on the inter-array cables; and ? A 15m wide corridor centred on the as-installed position of the export cables. o At the Clients request, interpretations were carried out on revised cable corridor widths of 20m, centred on the as-installed cable positions along the inter-array and export cable routes. o For charting purposes, the interpretations utilise a 210m square box centred on each of the wind turbines, instead of the circle of 105m radius.Gering 35km2 of seabed


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