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2003, Offshore Wind Power Limited., Inner Dowsing Offshore Wind Farm, Environmental Statement

2003, Offshore Wind Power Limited., Inner Dowsing Offshore Wind Farm, Environmental Statement

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This Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been prepared in support of the consent and licence applications for a proposed offshore wind farm approximately 5-7km offshore from the Lincolnshire coast midway between Skegness and Chapel Saint Leonards. The EIS is contained within three separate volumes: Volume I contains a Non Technical Summary of the detailed Environmental Impact Assessment. Volume II is the full Environmental Impact Assessment and contains technical and supporting information in appendices. Volume III contains figures and plans referred to in the text of Volume II. The EIS has been prepared by Offshore Wind Power Ltd (OWP) in consultation with East Lindsey District Council and in collaboration with a number of specialist consultants.


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Volume 1 - Non-Technical Summary

Sections 7 and 8, Acoustic and Cultural Heritage Assessments

Sections 9-11, Geology, Coastal Processes and Marine Water Quality Studies

Sections 14-16, Electromagnetic Interference and Air traffic, Safety and Socio-Economic Assessments



Abbreviations, References and Glossary Terms

Section 4, LandscapeSeascape and Visual Assessment

Section 5, Ornithological Assessment

Section 6, Marine Ecology Assessment

Section 12, Commercial Fishing: Introduction, Methodology and Consultations

Section 13, Commercial Shipping and Navigation Studies

Section 17, Summary

Sections 1-3, Introduction, Site Selection and Project Description