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2016, Partrac Consulting Ltd., Blyth NaREC Offshore Demonstration Site, Seabed Mobility Study (BODL)

2016, Partrac Consulting Ltd., Blyth NaREC Offshore Demonstration Site, Seabed Mobility Study (BODL)

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Partrac were asked by Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Project (Rich Holland) to undertake a two phase Seabed Mobility Study for the Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Project (BOD), Blyth, UK (Figure 1). The objective of the study was to underpin site development, in particular, to provide additional information on seabed mobility at the Array 2 site, along the export cable route and at the landfall.
The work commissioned by BOD is to be delivered in 2 Phases and comprises 5 Work Packages:
Phase 1, which this report represents, comprises Work Packages 1, 2 and 3:
1. Work Package 1: Data and Literature Review
- Detailed review of existing data and literature pertaining to the mobility of the seabed over the BOD Array 2 site and the export cable route corridor
- Written review of the Fairhurst/DHI report covering the onshore cable landing area (in time for a meeting with Fairhurst on Friday 29th January 2016)
- ½ day site visit to establish the nature of the outfall pipe in order to consider it’s impact upon sediment transport and establish any potential impact upon export cable burial requirements
2. Work Package 2: Change Analysis On Consecutive Bathymetric Datasets
- GIS based volumetric analysis of sediment mobility across the BOD Array 2 and Export Cable route corridor utilising 2010/2011 and 2015 geophysical data sets collected at the site.
3. Work Package 3: Review Meeting
- Attendance at a meeting to review the deliverables in relation to Work Packages 1 and 2. Subject to the outcome of this review the client may give notice to proceed with the Work Packages (4 & 5) in Phase 2.


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