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2012, PARTRAC, Kyle Rhea, ADCP Deployment

2012, PARTRAC, Kyle Rhea, ADCP Deployment

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Partrac Ltd was contracted by Marine Current Turbines to undertake collection of metocean data
(currents, waves and water level) in Kyle Rhea, at four locations north of the point of the Kyle
Rhea ferry crossing.
Four instrumented, ballasted bed-frames each comprising a 600 kHz RDI acoustic doppler
current profilers (ADCP), were deployed at the four sites during the period 15th and 16th January
2012. Recovery operations were completed 60 days later on the 16th and 18th March.


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2011 PARTRAC, Kyle Rhea, ADCP Deployment_Data Report

2011 PARTRAC, Kyle Rhea, ADCP Deployment_Deployment Report