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2006, National Grid, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Environmental Report

2006, National Grid, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Environmental Report

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National Grid has received three connection applications from Centrica (Lincs) Ltd, Centrica (DSW) Ltd and Centrica (RBW) Ltd for the connection of three offshore wind farms (known as Lincs, Docking Shoal and Race Bank) to the national high voltage electricity transmission system, as shown in Figure 1, which will require an extension to National Grid’s existing 400kV substation at Walpole Marsh in Norfolk, which is located 14km west of King’s Lynn and 2km west of Walpole St Peter. National Grid is required under its Transmission Licence to offer terms for connection to potential customers. National Grid and Centrica have therefore entered into agreements for National Grid to develop proposals to facilitate the connection of the wind farms at Walpole Substation.  The Environmental Report presented within this series has been prepared to allow National Grid to demonstrate how its amenity responsibilities will be met in relation to 1) Replacement of the existing 132kV Air Insulated (AIS) substation with a 132kV Gas Insulated (GIS) substation and the addition of a supergrid transformer (SGT5) adjacent and to the east of the existing 400kV substation; 2) Further extension of the 400kV substation to the south east; and 3) A further extension of the above extension to the south.  The impact of the proposals has been assessed on a wide range of areas, including traffic and transportation, landscape and visual, ecology and nature conservation, cultural heritage, land use, electric and magnetic fields, audible noise, electro-magnetic compatibility and planning.


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Proposed 400KV Substation Extension and 132KV Substation Replacement, Photosheets and Maps

Proposed 400KV Substation Extension and 132KV Substation Replacement