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2007, Centrica Energy, Lincs Offshore Windfarm, Environmental Statement

2007, Centrica Energy, Lincs Offshore Windfarm, Environmental Statement

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Environmental Impact Assessment. 

The Environmental Assessment  resulted in a series of  Environmental Statement volumes - Vol 1 and 2 and Appendices. Volume 1 covers the main offshore implications. Volume 2 covers the onshore assessment and has a wider cover of the Centrica sites within the Greater Wash area within Round 2 (Lincs, Docking Shoal and Race Bank).

Appendices (33) are associated with separate project records within the Marine Data Exchange, where data and reports are managed separately and relate to specific investigations which have resulted in associated information.  Where an appendix to the EIA is more general in its content,  the appendix is recorded within the reports associated with this entry and will have no data associated with it.  Scoping Reports preceding the Environmental Statement are also provided within this series.


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Site Boundary Option 3a

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Non-Technical Summary

Volume 1 Offshore Chapters 1 to 8

Volume Two: Onshore

Volume 1: Offshore - List of Appendices

Onshore Scoping Report

Offshore Scoping Report

Appendix 1.1 Adopted Planning Policies

Cumulative Effects Scoping Report

Report from public consultation carried out on behalf ofRenewable Energy Systems Limited Working in Association with Centrica Renewable Energy Limited