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2007, RPS, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Noise Monitoring Survey

2007, RPS, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Noise Monitoring Survey

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The series contains noise data derived from surveys that were carried out during the construction phase (substation and onshore cable laying) of the Lincs Offshore Wind Farm development.  Potential sources of noise during construction and operation of the onshore components of the proposed wind farm developments, alone and when considered together, have been identified.  it is concluded that due to the extremely short term duration over which the worst case predicted noise levels may occur, and with the implementation of the detailed noise control techniques the noise levels from the construction operations associated with the onshore works for the Lincs, Docking Shoal and Race Bank wind farms could be effectively controlled to within acceptable levels. This data relates to the Noise monitoring carried out to inform the Lincs Environmental Statement - Lincs ES 2007 Vol 2 Onshore Works


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2007, RPS, Lincs Offshore WInd Farm, Noise Monitoring Survey, Report