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2014, RSK, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Saltmarsh Botanical Monitoring Survey

2014, RSK, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Saltmarsh Botanical Monitoring Survey

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As part of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), Lincs Marine Licence (Licence Number: L/2011/00111/8) and under Natural England request, RSK was commissioned by Centrica to undergo botanical surveys to monitor the recovery of saltmarsh vegetation affected following cable trenching operations associated with the Lincs Offshore Wind Farm. This report presents the results of the third year of botanical monitoring surveys carried out in connection with the trenching of two cables (Nearshore Western Cable and Nearshore Eastern Cable) for the Lincs Offshore Wind Farm. It provides the survey findings for botanical monitoring completed in August 2014 for both cables The aim of the botanical survey was to monitor vegetation recovery in areas crossed by cable installation activities (impacted areas) with vegetation in unaffected areas (control areas). The botanical monitoring consisted of a National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey of the consent corridor; seven transects located in the main saltmarsh zones and a subjective assessment made during the walkover. These methods are outlined in the original ecology report (RSK 2011a) and approved by Natural England (NE) and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) during consultation process in 2011 (RSK 2011b, c).


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Eastern and Western Northshore Cables (2014) Report

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