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2008, EMU Limited, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Acoustic Surveys

2008, EMU Limited, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Acoustic Surveys

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Benthic Ecology


EMU Ltd was commissioned by Centrica (Lincs) Limited, acting for Centrica Renewable Energy to undertake a geophysical and seabed habitat assessment of the proposed Lincs offshore windfarm area, located to the east of Skegness and the windfarm cable route extending from the windfarm area into the Wash.

The aim of the survey was to determine and report on the seabed conditions and the presence or absence of biogenic reefs across the site and cable route.  The survey was performed with swath Bathymetry, sidescan sonar imaging, magnetometry, Acoustic Ground Discrimination System (AGDS) and the collection of seabed samples and video.


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Mag1a polylines - Track plot

Mag1a points

Mag1b points

Mag1c points

Mag2 points - Track plots

Mag3 points

Mag4a points

Mag4b points

Mag4c points

Mag4d points

Magnetometer Anomalies

Mag1b polylines - Track plot

Bathymetry Data

Sidescan Sonar GeoTiff data


Biotope Data

Sidescan Sonar Contact

Seabed Features

Seabed Sediment Type

Survey Vessel Line Tracks (Main)

Survey Vessel Line Tracks (Extn)

Survey Vessel Fix Points (Main)

Mag1c polylines - Track plot

Survey Vessel Fix Points (Extn)

Mag2 polylines - Track plot

Mag3 polylines - Track plot

Mag4a polylines - Track plot

Mag4b polylines - Track plot

Mag4c polylines - Track plot

Mag4d polylines - Track plot


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Final Report and Drawings