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2004, Anatec, London Array Offshore Wind Farm, Maritime Traffic Survey

2004, Anatec, London Array Offshore Wind Farm, Maritime Traffic Survey

Topic categories:

Shipping and Navigation

Last series update:

May 2021

MEDIN approved



Collection date:

Sep 2004 - Sep 2004


London Array

Publication date:

May 2021








This project examines the surveys of navigation around the London Array potential site during a 2 week period from 15th Sept 2004 to 28th Sept 2004.   The primary objective of the surveys was to identify the real-time routeing of vessels and the level of vessel activity at the proposed wind farm site. This was achieved by recording in real-time the positions of vessels within range of the radar, supplemented by observation of vessels within visual range to obtain information on type and size. At the same time as recording radar data, data was also collated using an Automatic Identification System (AIS) which recorded the positions of ships fitted with AIS and the associated information on ship types, size, etc.  The survey concluded that there was limited shipping activity within the site of the proposed offshore wind farm although there was a small amount of fishing within the site.  The time of year and weather are likely to have influenced shipping activity.  It should also be noted that from the onshore survey position the distance of the radar from the proposed wind farm site means that radar tracking and visual observations of small vessels was limited.