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A day in the life of...a GIS lead for Scottish Power Renewables

Read about a typical day for some of the people involved in the MDE journey.

This series of 'A day in the life of' follows Cormac Lacey. Cormac is the GIS, 3D and Technology Lead for Scottish Power Offshore Renewables (SPR).

Cormac has been instrumental in testing the new MDE functionality and in providing feedback on new releases. However, here you can hear about the key role that Cormac and the team at SPR play in managing the data collected at their offshore renewable projects. That data is provided to The Crown Estate and ultimately made available here through the MDE.

What is your role at SPR?

I am the GIS, 3D & Technology Lead for SPR offshore renewables. I manage a team of GIS specialists, data scientists and 3D designers working on our offshore renewable projects.

What is your favourite type of data and why?

The offshore archaeological data we collect, especially when it is new finds!

Why do SPR carry out surveys to collect data?

To ensure our projects can be built as efficiently as possible and to ensure that we are doing so with minimum impact on the environment.

You lead the delivery of survey data to The Crown Estate as per the data obligation. What does this entail?

Ensuring the data is provided to The Crown Estate in a timely fashion and is compliant with MEDIN standards.

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